All Things Dance Like Dragonflies: Transmundane poetry designed for every ordinary day.

Transmundane poetry designed for every ordinary day! Introducing a whole new style of C. JoyBell C. poetics and the very first book illustrated by the Author herself, All Things Dance Like Dragonflies will pull the realm from beyond, into the realm that you exist in! 
       Remember the last time you caught a dragonfly? It was a magical world you could take part of, you could capture the thing from a different dimension and put it in your own jar for safe keeping! Styled to make the unordinary things more tangible and attainable for ordinary, daily treasure-hunts, the words within this book will settle upon you sublimely, like readily dancing dragonflies!
       Brought to you by a treasure-hunter, dragonfly-finder (and catcher), explorer of all things worth exploring, who wrote some books and said some things.

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