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Comfort and Earthquakes

An unassuming collection of poetry and mini essays composed by the one and only C. JoyBell C. Every word here is designed to effectively comfort and shake the human heart during a time when comfort remains a very scarce, precious commodity and hearts are often numb.

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The Conversation of Dragons

This book will reveal you to yourself. It will shake you up, it will move you to peel off the layers you have accumulated on your true element, over the years. With every layer gone, you will see your-self clearly and that is a stage people become pilgrims for, live in exiles for, spend lifetimes wandering for. And that stage is yours if you are of fire. Be reminded that it is not an easy read. It won't go easy on you. This is not just a book, like I said. This could be your liberation. ~ Amy Singh; Spoken Word Poet, TEDx Speaker

There was a major shift in my being as I read. I began to feel more alive and alert. Alive and alert does not even fully explain it. One morning after reading, my senses heightened, my vision seemed more clear, I felt more balanced. The words infuse your being with an incredibly powerful life-force energy that will stay with you for all of eternity. There is magic contained within these pages that I have never experienced before. ~ Jenna Freimark; Nurse, The American Holistic Nurses Association

While I was reading it, I felt the words running through me all the way down to my roots, like water to a plant! This book is for the brave. If you fear an earthquake within your soul that would shift your pieces and restructure them, I warn you to not reach for this book. ~ Rouba Khattar; Medical Underwriter

This book reveals what is hidden in all of us. A warrior. We are the Dragon. ~ Athanasia Steffen; Animal Rights Activist

I am scared that my words might not be nearly good enough to make anyone realize what a mind-blowing experience they are going to face, embarking upon this transformative journey. ~Ruh Mohammad Barna; Student

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The Conversation of Venusta

“Such a special book in that it never preaches yet it’s like a sacred scripture. I want to read it again and again.” — Uzma Khan, Chief Executive Officer at INJAZ Pakistan

“It’s a book that has made such a great impression, a book I’ll buy and read, and read again and carry around till it’s all dogeared from use. A book I’ll reference often, and quote, and make art with its words, frame them and keep where I can see them everyday. Because it is food for the soul, it is a fortification, an armor, it’s a soothing balm, it’s the wind under the wings of angels. It’s something wonderful.” — Yahaya Aluke, Lead Web Developer, Team Leader and Activist (Nigeria) 

“You are an angel. Know that. Your words remind me of my standards, of my calling, of energetically being a man, of my universal belief system, and my purpose on this planet. I stand by these statements too. This is quite possibly the most heartfelt, real, touching book I have ever read.” — David Romero, CEO and President of The Yogi DR™ 

“This work is truly needed in this world right now. These words are light and breath combined.” — Laurie Jackson, Mental Health Therapist, Mental Health Disaster Consultant

“Pages after pages of knowing thyself, even parts you never knew that exists or has a name. It felt like giving a face to someone I always knew but never met before.” — Ruh Ullah Barna, Student (Bangladesh)

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The Conversation of Merachefet

Indulca mei radices.

“The Conversation of Merachefet: A Book of Secrets” is best interpreted as “an intrinsic esoteric conversation” in which the essence of all purpose and of all universal form are discussed.

A free-flowing dialogue designed as a single lengthy conversation, this writing is described by the author to be her “most revealing work ever.” The pages within will take you on an inward odyssey of seraphic discoveries, which can be likened only unto pure magic, raw wisdom, and deific insight.

The word “Merachefet” itself is given to mystical terminology. It has been discussed, highly valued by, the wisest of ancient rabbis and sages. 

The name C. JoyBell C. has become synonymous with the virtues of wisdom and beauty, while her globally scattered words are readily gathered by people from all walks of life; from the most respected of doctors, professors, astronomers, movers and shakers of the world today; to the most current celebrities and the humblest of individuals in society! Such an equanimity and symphony are produced by her words, however, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the root of all this is, where it all comes from? Within the covers of this book, you will find those roots uncovered, exposing a pure and eternal form of knowledge that will render you to an utterly Elysian experience.


Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting

 What if magic is real and what if the most abundant source of it is found in the age-old honorary act of being a family?

       "Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting", is a modern-day grimoire that aims to reinstate the honour and nobility into the art of being a parent. Brought to you by popular demand-- within these book covers-- you will delve into the basics of Soul Alchemy, delivered with simple strokes and easily understood scenarios; thus empowering you to not only envision and to forge a brightly-lit path for your child or children, but to be able to do the same, for yourself!

       Come and discover the formulas for balancing your own soul and mastering your own mind, for after all, who are we in this world, but craftsmen and captains of our own souls and minds? And what a gift it is, if we are able to guide and to show others unto the same!" 

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#2 Vade Mecum

Sequel to, "the little white book", this "little blue book" carries all of the gold that the first book harbours, and then some! The first Vade Mecum has been put to good use by loyal supporters and zealous readers, who never let her out of their sight! Carried in handbags and briefcases the world over, she has become exactly what she was created to be! This little blue book continues with the legacy of the white one, while building upon more evolved subject matter. You will find many morsels of knowledge on the topics of soul alchemy and science, as well as a stronger push in the areas of women's issues and societal transformation. You will surely, without a doubt, always take her with you!


Vade Mecum

The world-renowned "C. JoyBell C. Quotes" brought together and bound into one stylish, modern fieldguide-for-life. An indispensable source of beauty, truth and wisdom-- this little white book is destined to be passed down from generation to generation-- to become your "Vade Mecum."


The Suns Snow and the Sands Move: A thing of magic, a gift of poetry and prose.

The sands that move and escape onto your skin illuminate you! You are carried on the blizzards of many suns; they are a legion, even more than Jupiter's moons! Speak the language of celestial beings, let the words pull you unto them and set you loose in the place that is not hidden, but still is unseen. This place, these words: a thing of magic!

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Things That Run Around and Bloom

The author refers to this particular book of poetry as writing from, "the other side" of her, "pen". She thinks of this collection as something similar to an unruly laiason, and while she considers her other works of poetry to be her "Mozarts", she sees this one as her "Beethoven". 

        Normally, things that run around don't "bloom" and things that "bloom" can't run around. But aren't we all like this, at the end of the day? We all run around in this world, while we bloom at the same time (or at least we try to). 

        Expect a departure from the sculpture-like poetry that the author is already known for and be prepared to read what sounds like pages torn out of a weathered and worn diary of a woman who runs around in this world, and blooms wherever and whenever she can.

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All Things Dance Like Dragonflies: Transmundane poetry designed for every ordinary day.

Transmundane poetry designed for every ordinary day! Introducing a whole new style of C. JoyBell C. poetics and the very first book illustrated by the Author herself, All Things Dance Like Dragonflies will pull the realm from beyond, into the realm that you exist in! 
       Remember the last time you caught a dragonfly? It was a magical world you could take part of, you could capture the thing from a different dimension and put it in your own jar for safe keeping! Styled to make the unordinary things more tangible and attainable for ordinary, daily treasure-hunts, the words within this book will settle upon you sublimely, like readily dancing dragonflies!
       Brought to you by a treasure-hunter, dragonfly-finder (and catcher), explorer of all things worth exploring, who wrote some books and said some things.

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All Things Lit Like Fireflies: An Illumination of Words

A pseudo-sequel to "All Things Dance Like Dragonflies", this book of timeless poetry is illuminated by the author's simple pencil sketches of fireflies and subtly-incorporated ancient Celtic symbolism. 

Uncover these pages and catch the fireflies!

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Wolves of the Sapphire Sun: This one's for the wild ones.

Unleashed, sacred, erotic, otherworldly, palpable and serene. This one’s for the wild ones. The black sheep, the lost ones, the found ones, the ones who are loved, the unforgotten ones. This one’s for the wild ones. Designed to be read and pondered upon as a “novel-made-out-of-poems”, these pages will call you into certain depths and ask you to connect the dots wherever there are open spaces. You are impelled to feel and to think. And to chew on this paper until it runs through your veins.

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Wolves of the Sapphire Sun: Sans Erotica

Unleashed, sacred, otherworldly, palpable and serene. This one’s for the wild ones. The black sheep, the lost ones, the found ones, the ones who are loved, the unforgotten ones. This one’s for the wild ones. Designed to be read and pondered upon as a “novel-made-out-of-poems”, these pages will call you into certain depths and ask you to connect the dots wherever there are open spaces. You are impelled to feel and to think. And to chew on this paper until it runs through your veins. This book does not contain the erotica found in the original version.

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The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook

Sights, sounds, thoughts, memories, dreams, visions, love, wisdom and destiny-- all await you within the covers of this scrapbook! 

       The Sun Is Snowing, the very first title by the author C. JoyBell C., remains her best-selling work to-date and is often cited as a source of inspiration, healing, hope and freedom, for many the world over. 

       This particular work is described by adoring fans of the book as being "very raw", "very human", "angelic" and "luminous." Think of it as the meeting point for mortals and immortals; open up the covers of this scrapbook and get lost in the personal creations of the author, where each page is a unique piece of art. 

       Enter into a realm of delight, gentleness and unending possibilities, a gift that you can give not only to yourself but also share with your friends and family. Step into where the sun is always snowing, a place that you will never have to leave. You can stay. Here, now, you have a home.

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Saint Paul Trois Chateaux: 1948: A novella

There are those who say life is a pathway one paves with many things: time, space, questions, answers, desires, fulfillment, and loss. They believe we carefully arrange each for cause and consequence to give life order and structure. Life, however, provides an alternative outlook, where it lays its elements according to its own will. The pavement is not carefully arranged; rather the elements lay loosely, and in between them are the white spaces that we fill with joy, sorrow, and the depth of what it means to be human. For Thibaut and Pierre-Auguste Desmarais, Lucy Nightingberg's return visit for a night in Amaury Babin's pub La Place de St-Paul will bring their individual paths into sharp relief. Over the course of one evening, memories, sudden recollections, and immediate emotions give rise to passion, longing, and the unveiling of beclouded secrets, as a delicate dance of fervent love and redemption roils. Unannounced glimpses into their pasts glue pieces of the story together, and an understanding of the narrative in its entirety is constructed from which a truth might be gleaned. 

A rich emotional tableau is the setting for an evening of love, passion, atonement in C. JoyBell C.'s new novella. Full of extraordinary depth and a keen sense for the primal needs of her disparate characters, her profound understanding of the human condition is reminiscent of the classics Madame Bovary and Wuthering Heights. As past and present collide, the author's focus on the universal and her fierce characterizations make this modern update of classic romanticism succeed where many fail, utilizing the underlying human experience to serve as a foundation to take a classic literary style and make it new. Though it is no small feat capturing the aesthetic of modern drama while simultaneously retaining the depth of a previous literary form, Saint Paul Trois Châteaux: 1948 accomplishes this task with ease and aplomb, consistently delivering startling moments of emotion the likes of which are rare indeed.

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