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Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting

What if magic is real and what if the most abundant source of it is found in the age-old honorary act of being a family?

"Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting", is a modern-day grimoire that aims to reinstate the honour and nobility into the art of being a parent. Brought to you by popular demand-- within these book covers-- you will delve into the basics of Soul Alchemy, delivered with simple strokes and easily understood scenarios; thus empowering you to not only envision and to forge a brightly-lit path for your child or children, but to be able to do the same, for yourself!

Come and discover the formulas for balancing your own soul and mastering your own mind, for after all, who are we in this world, but craftsmen and captains of our own souls and minds? And what a gift it is, if we are able to guide and to show others unto the same!" 

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