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The Conversation of Dragons

This book will reveal you to yourself. It will shake you up, it will move you to peel off the layers you have accumulated on your true element, over the years. With every layer gone, you will see your-self clearly and that is a stage people become pilgrims for, live in exiles for, spend lifetimes wandering for. And that stage is yours if you are of fire. Be reminded that it is not an easy read. It won't go easy on you. This is not just a book, like I said. This could be your liberation. ~ Amy Singh; Spoken Word Poet, TEDx Speaker

There was a major shift in my being as I read. I began to feel more alive and alert. Alive and alert does not even fully explain it. One morning after reading, my senses heightened, my vision seemed more clear, I felt more balanced. The words infuse your being with an incredibly powerful life-force energy that will stay with you for all of eternity. There is magic contained within these pages that I have never experienced before. ~ Jenna Freimark; Nurse, The American Holistic Nurses Association

While I was reading it, I felt the words running through me all the way down to my roots, like water to a plant! This book is for the brave. If you fear an earthquake within your soul that would shift your pieces and restructure them, I warn you to not reach for this book. ~ Rouba Khattar; Medical Underwriter

This book reveals what is hidden in all of us. A warrior. We are the Dragon. ~ Athanasia Steffen; Animal Rights Activist

I am scared that my words might not be nearly good enough to make anyone realize what a mind-blowing experience they are going to face, embarking upon this transformative journey. ~Ruh Mohammad Barna; Student

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